actually, fuck it.

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Monday, 16 February 2009

What I wanted to say was this:

The body of a nineteen year old girl you have never met is not your public fucking property no matter who her parents are. The world does not give one solitary shit about whether or not you consider someone's personal choice to be "tacky", and how she will feel about that choice in X number of years' time is not your concern. You are not one of her friends, you are not a member of her family. Your moral outrage is condecending and uninvited.

You may have a right to hold your opinion on the subject, you may even feel the need to voice it - out loud or in print - but let me get this one thing straight: you do not hold the moral responsibility to inform the rest of the world as to what a mistake someone is making.

Don't agree with someone's life choices? Fine. Feel you have to contribute to the ongoing debate about the social issues concerning a particular topic? Spiffy. Doing so by posting a two line comment about a specific person's appearance on a newspaper site that offers nothing new or original the the discussion? Fuck you.

Her body is not your public property, you do not have a right to discuss her skin or the lines inked on it. You do not have a right to discuss how fat someone is, how thin they are or how veiny their arms may look. The size of a person's ass, or nose or piercing is not your problem, and does not provide a jumping off point for you to spout your own personal philosophy of bullshit.

The amount someone else eats is not your concern unless you are a health professional with a personal relationship to your patient. Your "well meaning" comments are bullshit. The world does not need another self important asshole who feels they have a right to dictate how the human body should look, feel or function. Your indignation and outrage is pathetic. The world doesn't give a shit how its actions affect your insignificant little life.

Now kindly fuck off.


42ndWF said...

Hear hear! I'm glad you decided to say it. I'm so tired of this kind of crap "news".


Girl With Curious Hair said...

"...she was hooked on tattoos"

What the heck does that even mean?

For the record: 1. I'm not the biggest tattoo fan in the world and can be plenty judgmental. 2. I think your tattoos are much cooler. 3. Would this be news if she went on a shopping spree and said shoes were her new addiction? Would someone lecture her on the danger of high heels and the damages to her back and feet? 4. Apparently, I can be outraged by stupid headlines.

Rob said...

I've always enjoyed your blog but have never felt the need to post a comment until this post. Upon your strong response to this article which I had already read and found to be the usual rubbish spawned by the daily mail I took the time to read the comments and I really believe that you havent gone far enough it is people like that who have made the world the mess it is.

Now I'm not a fan of Peaches Geldof, in fact believe her to be an idiot but the reaction of these people makes me ashamed to be the same species as them.

So I thank you for final words as I do not think a more fitting riposte could be developed.

Your blog is wonderfull buy the way.

Alex the Odd said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who is enraged by this crap. Knowing there are others who agree just fuels the fires of righteous rage.

Hmmmm surely there must be something I can burn down in protest...?

Anonymous said...