The creative process

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Tuesday, 24 March 2009

The Fabulous Miss Odd says:
as for what the creature looks like
The Fabulous Miss Odd says:
imagine the giant mole in City of ember
The Fabulous Miss Odd says:
instead of the star thing that always freaks me the fuck out on moles it has nine mouths
The Fabulous Miss Odd says:
shaggy brown bear fur, non seeing eyes and oversized claws
The Fabulous Miss Odd says:
like a really, really, really angry badger. As painted by Dali.


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Monday, 16 March 2009

While I'm blogging here's some stuff that happened recently:

My father tried to get in touch and it was whiny.
My ex managed to get in touch and it was passive aggressive.
I got engaged and was awesome.
My fiancee is getting sent to Afghanistan which was, and remains, the epitome of suck.

My Fuck-It List

at 18:49

A list of things I feel absolutely zero compulsion to do before I die.

1. Enter a marathon
2. Weigh 120lbs
3. Learn to do things ahead of time
4. Spend more time outdoors
5. Own a playsuit
6. Wear a playsuit
7. Have a subcription to Cosmo
8. Watch Sex and The City
9. Meet my siblings
10. Teach in an all boys school
11. Fix my clothes rather than throwing them out
12. Learn when to keep my mouth shut
13. Get highlights
14. Mend my bridges
15. Store all my shoes properly
16. Do my washing before I run out of clothes
17. Have sex with an ex boyfriend
18. Finish playing Enchanted Arms
19. Own a horse or pony
20. Read anything by Dean Koontz

Idea totally stolen from Shapely Prose and Feministe.