five things that make me the world's best potential girlfriend

at 15:17

Wednesday, 30 January 2008

1. I'm generous, impatient and I have an incredibly good memory. Chances are if someone I know desperately wants something and can't/won't buy it for themselves I will buy if for them and give it to them immediately so that I can see their reaction. Because that's just how I roll.

2. Want to go out with the guys? Brilliant, I've been itching for a night out with my friends anyway. I'm a firm believer in having your own social group. I would be absolutely baffled if a guy objected to me going out with my friends and can't see any reason to impose social restrictions on anyone.

3. I'm enthusiastic about pretty much everything, especially if it is something I haven't been exposed to much before. If someone can teach me something new about their obsession (whether it be sports, music, video games or stamp collecting) you can guarantee that I'll quickly be into it too.. or at least understanding of the attention it needs.

4. Cosmopolitan magazine is the devil. I will never spring anything involving a scrunchie, ice or pineapple slices on a guy. Ever.

5. I'm nine kinds of awesome. For serious.


TK said...

Kind of a weird way to look for dates, but... whatever works, I suppose.


girl with curious hair said...

I'm glad you made up for your last post, where you claimed to be the world's worst dating prospect. That can't possibly be true.

BTW, your recent posts have made for a very fun read. I'm glad you have found a career that will allow you to to write.

Alex the Odd said...

TK: Don't mock my incredibly self indulgent attempt at an ego boost, you!

GWCH: Thanks, I'm trying my hardest to keep the faith re:writing but I'm struggling (see above).

I think I swing back and forth between "Woohoo I'm awesome" and "Aww man, I suck"... one day I'll find the fabled middle ground.

Vermillion said...

Well, since you insist...