My Fuck-It List

at 18:49

Monday, 16 March 2009

A list of things I feel absolutely zero compulsion to do before I die.

1. Enter a marathon
2. Weigh 120lbs
3. Learn to do things ahead of time
4. Spend more time outdoors
5. Own a playsuit
6. Wear a playsuit
7. Have a subcription to Cosmo
8. Watch Sex and The City
9. Meet my siblings
10. Teach in an all boys school
11. Fix my clothes rather than throwing them out
12. Learn when to keep my mouth shut
13. Get highlights
14. Mend my bridges
15. Store all my shoes properly
16. Do my washing before I run out of clothes
17. Have sex with an ex boyfriend
18. Finish playing Enchanted Arms
19. Own a horse or pony
20. Read anything by Dean Koontz

Idea totally stolen from Shapely Prose and Feministe.


Blonde Savant said...

What's a playsuit? Is that British slang for something? It sounds like a suit you would wear to romp around outside, which sounds not bad. But then it also sounds like a suit you would wear to perform in a play, and that sounds like lots of bad.
Also, I'm continuing the chain of stealing. YOINK!
Also also, congratulations on the announcement above!